APS Holdings is leading the future industries by endlessly challenging new fields.

APS Group

Listed Subsidiary Company

  • AP Systems entered the semiconductor equipment market based on our accumulated knowhow on equipment control software. Since then, we have expanded into mid to small-sized LCD equipment, semiconductor processing equipment for 300mm wafers, and large-sized LCDs, and are currently leading the fields of ELA (Excimer Laser Annealing), LLO (Laser Lift-Off), and OLED Encapsulation, which are the laser equipment necessary for the production of OLED panels.

  • NEXTIN (Next Inspection Solutions for Semiconductor) is a global company that provides differentiated independent technology and leads the way in developing new technologies in the semiconductor & process defect detection and metrology field. NEXTIN contribute to early process stabilization of customers by providing superior defect detection and metrology solutions throughout the entire process, from semiconductor R&D to final production.

  • DE&T (Digital Equipment & Total Solution) mainly focuses on developing a secondary battery equipment and FPDs (Flat Panel Displays) and semiconductors inspection equipment and solutions. Secondary battery equipment is a new product that utilizes LASER, contributing to the increase in production efficiency of customers and is becoming a new main source of revenue.

  • KORNIC Automation has succeeded in producing semiconductor and display equipment control S/W domestically, and is leading the general purpose equipment control solution field. After that, We have expanded our business by adding the Network Equipment & Solution business. As a new business, we are pushing to enter the smart factory field that provides a new concept automation solution that integrates HW and SW technology.

鍮꾩긽옣 옄쉶궗

  • Zenith World offers One Stop Total Solution system, including semiconductors & display parts cleaning technology, and parts manufacturing such as ESC, coating, and machining. It is endlessly devoted to developing new technologies to provide the 3 factors quality, delivery terms, and price in a more perfect way.

  • FMM, the main business of APS Materials, is a key component in the manufacture of representative display panels and is dominated by a small number of foreign companies due to its high technical difficulty. So far, many companies are trying to make new inroads, but they have not shaken the current monopoly structure. APS Materials not only internalizes material-processing technology, which is the core of FMM manufacturing, but also secures competitiveness to overcome current technical limitations through laser processing technology.

  • APS Research was newly established in 2021 and operates a laser-based ultra-precision processing facility manufacturing business in the display and semiconductor industries. Based on R&D personnel composed of more than 65% of all employees, we support R&D of next-generation 關OLED new products, development & design & design simulation of ultra-precision laser processing facilities.

  • ASTEL is expanding its influence by providing differentiated solutions and finished products to the domestic and international X-ray examination machine market based on the core technologies of intelligent X-ray systems, Digital X-Ray Detector (DXD) and Image Processing technologies. Furthermore, ASTEL is pushing to enter the healthcare and secondary battery inspection equipment market using digital X-rays through technical synergy with the APS Group X-Ray business.

  • Solarluce

    Solaruche is a global LED lighting company and has been leading the domestic and foreign LED lighting market since 2022 by developing its own technology and developing various products ranging from home products to office and industrial lighting based on major source.

  • Blue Tile Lab

    Blue Tile Lab has succeeded in commercializing and mass-producing semiconductor post-process vision inspection systems(HW, SW) based on AI technology and deep learning technology based on AI machine vision experts. We are fostering AI-based digital pathology medical assistance diagnosis business using femtosecond laser technology and medical AI diagnosis system as the next-generation main business.

  • Medy Sapiens

    Medy Sapiens aim to use data science to analyze the information of life, and to provide solutions for diagnosis and treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation of diseases and degenerative diseases. In addition, we are preparing a technology that can identify metabolic diseases, dementia, and genetic diseases that occur at high frequency in advance and suggest treatments using AI and BT's convergence technologies.