APS Holdings is leading the future industries by endlessly challenging new fields.

APS Holdings

APS Holdings is leading the future industries by endlessly challenging new fields with its core values of Top Spirit, Professional Spirit, and Venture Spirit.

We are beginning a new step based on challenge and innovation.
APS Holdings is starting a new history by embracing the success DNA of AP Systems.

Since its foundation in 1994, AP Systems has expanded its businesses and achieved growth by daringly entering into new fields that no others have entered before, armed with Top Spirit, Professional Spirit, and Venture Spirit. It has concentrated all its capabilities in semiconductor and display field equipment businesses, which Korea maintains its number 1 position in the world in, to head toward becoming a global equipment company.

In March 2017, AP Systems went through a spin-off and converted into a holding company to become APS Holdings. APS Holdings will raise the transparency of the management structure of affiliated companies including DE&T, KORNIC Automation, Zenith World, and NEXTIN and spread the success DNA of AP Systems into all affiliated companies to serve as a strong foothold that will allow its affiliated companies to leap forward as leading company groups.

Furthermore, based on our core capabilities in the semiconductor and display related fields, we will discover new businesses and concentrate our efforts into making appropriate investments to contribute to the future 4th industrial revolution. Through this, we will endlessly put in our efforts to maximize the values of our company and stockholders.

All of our employees will do their best so that APS Holdings and all APS affiliated companies will become companies that can receive trust and selection in the global market. We would like to ask for your support and interest.

Thank you.

CEO Jung Ki-ro

Ethical Management

  • APS Holdings performs its tasks in an ethic and legal manner.

  • APS Holdings behaves according to fair standards in business activities to earn customers values and trust.

  • APS Holdings fulfills Transparent and clean corporate culture Oriented.


  • Pioneer new field with endless R&D and challenge spirit

  • Creating new value through technology

  • Top Spirit
    Professional Spirit
    Venture Spirit

  • A company trusted by employees, clients, and stockholders

  • A company that contributes to the development of national economy

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