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Transparent LED Display

Origo Lab is APS Holdings' film-type transparent LED display business brand that will lead the media facade market.

Transparent LED Display

  • 쨌 Installation of glass walls in and out of buildings and implementation of various media arts.

    It can be installed in various places such as automobiles, escalators, etc. including glass walls in buildings or buildings to express high-resolution images, text messages, and images

  • 쨌 Light and flexible film transparent LED display

    A display device that forms a microcircuit electrode on a heat-resistant PET film and emits light by mounting an LED, and attaches it to a transparent substrate.

  • Installation or glass walls in buildings

  • Installation of Escalators

  • Movable Wide Glass Wall

The film-type transparent LED display enables display functions to be performed while pursuing the basic functions of the building, such as glass's openness and lighting performance. Fine circuit precision etching process technology can be applied to eliminate differences in light output due to differences in fine resistance to maintain uniformity and high reliability of each LED element light output. OCA sheets with different adhesive forces are applied to transparent LED displays to facilitate glass removal and LED replacement. IPX 7 waterproof grade, thermal shock, high temperature and high humidity, wind pressure, accelerated weather resistance, etc. can be applied indoors and outdoors due to the reliability satisfaction of Korean equipment.

Flim type transparent LED Display structure

Installation Case

  • Pitch 12 / Glass Wall - Daecheong Lake in Daejeon

  • Pitch 12 / Escalator (Fujitec)

  • Pitch 08 / Movable Wide Glass in Lotte department store

  • Pitch 20 / Glass Wall Jungwon station in Suncheon Bay